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How do I invite Members to my Community?
How do I invite Members to my Community?
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There are two ways to invite members to Hylo - a shareable link that can be copied and shared through any platform or a private invite by email.

Sending a Join Link

The join link can be copied and sent in any shape and form, and anyone with this link will be able to join your group. If you have a group newsletter or another way you reach your members, start sharing the Invite link there, and be prepared to share it regularly: every time you send a newsletter, every time you have a Zoom call, post in on the group chat, etc.

Inviting by Email

To send a private email invite, type or paste the desired recipients’ email(s) into the text box labeled "Type Email Addresses". In the next section below you can personalize a message that will be sent along with your invite. You can share your group’s intention or purpose in this personalized message. Be sure to save your invite email text in a text editor elsewhere, as of now we don't currently save that in Hylo.

Then click "Send Invite". Once the link has been clicked by the recipient, it is immediately null.

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