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Moderating your Group
How do I edit Group settings?
How do I edit Group settings?

How to edit settings when moderating a group.

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A "Group Settings" button should appear on the right hand side just above the listed members once granted moderator status. Click this button.

On the left you will see options: "Settings", "Moderators", "Topics", "Invite", "Join Requests", "Related Groups", "Export Data", and "Delete".

In settings you will be able to edit the group description, add a group location, add/change the logo or banner image, edit visibility and access settings, require that members join prerequisite groups, add relevant skills or interests to your Group, and require group access questions.

Under "Moderators" you will be able to add or remove an existing member as a moderator

Under "Topics" you can manage topics for your group.

Under "Invite" you will be able to invite new members to your community.

Under "Join Requests" you can approve or deny requests to join your group.

Under "Related Groups" join your Group to affiliated groups or invite groups to join your Group.

Under "Export Data" you can export your members into a CSV file.

Under "Delete" you can remove your group and all associated content from Hylo.


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