There are multiple types of Posts on Hylo:

What do you want to discuss with your group or the broader Hylo community?

Share your event on Hylo and invite people to join.

What do you want to offer or share with the community?

Let others know about available resources.


Create a project that your group or Hylo community can help you with.

What can your group or the Hylo community help you with?

There are multiple ways to post on Hylo:

  1. Click on the box on the top of the stream that says “Hi [Name], what’s on your mind?” OR click on the “Create” button on the left side panel.

  2. Choose the type of post.

  3. Add a title and description to the post.

  4. You can select a timeframe for an event, offer, resource, project, or request. You can also add an optional location for these types of posts.

  5. Select which Topics the post should be linked to. Topics are a bit like hashtags on Twitter. They are for categorizing the post or making it easy to find. You can add up three topics.

  6. Choose which Groups you want to post into. You can share the same post in multiple groups you are a part of.

  7. Choose whether you want your post to be "Public" or not, (meaning that anyone in any Hylo Group can see it by clicking on the Public Posts & Groups view under the groups drop down menu in the upper left corner).

  8. Attach images and/or file attachments. For Images, the optimal ratio is 1024x768, between 4:3 to 19:6 aspect ratio (1080 wide).

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