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How do I create a Post?
How do I create a Post?

Post Types and creating a Post on Hylo.

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Click the "Create" in the Group Navigation Panel

Click on the box on the top of the stream that says “Hi [Name], what's on your mind?

Create a Post directly on the Map! Either click and hold for a couple seconds on the location you want the post to appear OR click the (+) button in the bottom right corner of the map and then pin-point on the map where you want the location for that post.

Post Fields


Titles are required for Posts.


Use a rich text editor to customize your description. You can include links and embed playable Youtube or Vimeo videos in your description. Tag another member in your Post by using "@" followed by their name.


#Topics are a great way to categorize your posts. If you add a Topic to your post, it will show up in that #Topic's Stream, with all the Posts and Chats with that #Topic.

When you click on the #Topics toolbar when creating a Post, Group Suggested Topics will appear first. These are #Topics suggested by Group Moderators. Use these #Topics to categorize your Post, if possible! If your Post falls outside of these suggestions, then you can use a more relevant #Topic of your choosing.

Group Suggested Topics

You can add up three #Topics to your Post.

Post In [Groups]

A unique aspect of Posts on Hylo is you can cross post in multiple Groups! Decide which Groups you want to share your Post in. Keep in mind, you need to be a member of all the Groups you share your Post in.


Add a physical location to your Post if you want it to display on the Group's Map. Keep in mind, once you type out the Location, you will need to select it from the drop-down menu.


You can attach files (paperclip icon) or images (image icon) to your Post. For Images, the optimal ratio is 1024x768, between 4:3 to 19:6 aspect ratio (1080 wide).

Other Post Fields

Depending on the Post type, you may have additional Post options:


  • Include a timeframe

  • Edit your post to mark your Request as "No longer needed"


  • Include a timeframe

  • Edit your post to mark your Resource as "No longer available"


  • Invite others to Join your project

  • Include a timeframe, donation link, and project management link


  • Timeframes are required for Events

  • Invite people to join your event


If you are a moderator, you have the option of creating Announcement Posts, by using the megaphone icon in the bottom left corner of the Post. An announcement makes the post go out as an email and push notification to all members of the group.

The megaphone icon allows you to create an Announcement

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