• Remember the mission statement you wrote? Try sharing it as a post, and invite your members to share their personal stake in the success of the group and hear others’ as well.
  • Consider hosting an onboarding webinar to Hylo, or making a simple video about why you want people to engage, reviewing some of the features of Hylo. We really like Crowdcast.io
  • One simple thing that can help engage people into conversations is to ask people to help you build lists of things, e.g.: "What are some of your favorite podcasts?" or "What articles should we share with new members?"
  • Ask questions! If you ask questions, it can give members an opportunity to share their knowledge and contribute.
  • Try introducing people to one another by @-tagging their names another on posts to encourage conversations and collaboration.
  • Have moderators, champions, and community leaders commit to a posting schedule, ensure they have the mobile app installed, make sure they fill out their profiles.
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